CirSchool Project

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A circus and intelligent physical arts curriculum for schools

Albert & Friends Instant Circus took part in a European Union funded initiative to develop CirSchool, a circus and intelligent physical arts curriculum supporting young people’s development as confident and healthy individuals.

CirSchool is an innovative, creative learning environment, based on how learning happens in the circus, promoting key skills in children and fostering character development.

CirSchool leverages on circus interpersonal and physical practices in order to foster the acquisition of key transversal skills such as self-esteem, team-building, problem solving and responsibility, as well as a diverse range of physical skills.

CirSchool was piloted in Italy, Greece and the UK, reaching 1 000 pupils and 120 teachers over a two-year period. The piloting was monitored and evaluated by academics from the University of Patras in Greece and the University of Florence in Italy

Participating pupils have developed:

  • Physical skills: strength, endurance, flexibility, spatial awareness;
  • Creativity: expression and communications of ideas, problem solving;
  • Confidence: determination to succeed, self-reliance, initiative;
  • Entreprise: decision-making skills, risk management, leadership and teamwork;
  • Performance: understanding of how the components of skills combine and contribute to performance, leading to consolidated presentation skills in the classroom;
  • Awareness of physical activity as an essential component of a healthy lifestyle.


Methodology and delivery

CirSchool offers workshops for teachers and youth circus practitioners who will be able to enhance traditional pedagogical methods with activities and methodology stemming from the circus environment.

Guidelines for Teachers and a Teacher Training Seminar were developed during the piloting, to ensure dissemination of the CirSchool Curriculum.


A&FIC’s offer for both the youth circus and education sectors:

A&FIC has delivered teacher training seminars in the UK, Greece and Italy, and piloted the curriculum with 240 pupils in London. Drawing on this experience, A&FIC can advise on the implementation of the CirSchool curriculum and deliver seminars and training sessions for youth circus practicioners and educationalists.


You can consult an overview of the CirSchool curriculum by clicking here

For further information, please contact:


Esther Gagné


Albert & Friends Instant Circus

tel: + 44 208 237 1030


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